here. now.

I often get carried away with the past; it usually clings to me until I’m bleary-eyed and walking through a fog of memories. I sometimes lose sight of the present, and I in turn begin to lose presence.

I took this photo after a yoga class last night. I really hadn’t seen it before I walked in – not really as I again slumped by, caught up in the chaos of thought. At that moment, it was just another dim unremarkable sign, overshadowed by the mesmerizing vivid hues of twilight. But after having left class, I was struck by this glow in the growing darkness. I stood beneath it, hypnotized as “here” blared down at me.

Passers by moved on without missing a beat, but I was struck. Looking up, I found the glow in the abyss, the thing to root me – the present. Here – as if lighting a path to relief. Suddenly, what once was, what could’ve been, and what never came to be didn’t feel so heavy. To find presence in a void is grounding. For me it’s certainly a start to lifting a long settled fog.