work in progress

I’ve been working on this series for about three years now. There’s been a lot of experimenting in this span of time, and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of this project. This is a series of mine that I’m not quite sure where the end is, but I’ve loved every step of the creative process.  After reshooting the series to film, and playing with various scanning and print methods, I’ve finally made it to the collaging process which, believe it or not, I had the intention of executing early on in the project.

Later this week, I plan on posting a visual of the evolution of the project; every time I take a look back at the early workings of this series, it always gives me a little shock! For any fellow artists working on anything, I’d love to know how long your creative process/projects take – and is there a major difference from what was intended in the beginning to the end?

Have a great week!